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Por q mi facebook aparece como si fuera live

If public in a private facebook group my friends see it.

To enter the venue you must show your physical or mobile ticket, which will be scanned for verification. You must identify yourself with ID in case the Organization requests it. It is forbidden to enter the Restaurant without a ticket.

The ticket holder acknowledges that he/she may appear in images taken inside the venues by different media for subsequent informative or promotional dissemination and authorizes such use, which will be the responsibility of each media.

All image and intellectual property rights are reserved.  Any filming, recording or reproduction inside the venues is forbidden unless expressly authorized by the Organization.

In case of doubt or query, information is available on the Festival website. Interested persons may request by e-mail claim forms, which will also be available at the Festival venue and at our registered office.

This document of acceptance of the conditions will be filed in our computer system. For one month you will have access to our data, so you can print it and save it in your computer system.

How to post in a facebook group without my friends seeing it

Classifying someone in this list also allows us to comfortably exclude them from our publications, thus limiting their view of what we publish. We will see that in the privacy options of our publications appears a quick option that includes Friends except acquaintances.

Good I have a question, before I received notifications when a friend commented on the publication of another friend, said something like «(such a friend) commented on the publication of (another friend), I gave him unintentionally in «stop receiving this notification» and now I want to appear again such notifications, any way to reverse or undo that setting? greetings

Hi, I made myself a Fb recently and added my boyfriend. I inadvertently removed him from my friends but then I friend requested him again and we are friends. I have posted on his wall (writing where it says «write something to xxx), and he and our mutual friends can see the messages and reply, but after a few days (no exact amount) they disappear and I can no longer see them on his profile. Other friends don’t either. In my activity log two of them do appear, but of the others not a trace. He tells me that he has not deleted/deleted/hidden/hidden my messages. what… Read more «

Private facebook groups

If you are the website owner, try upgrading your server to support ECDHE and disable DHE. If ECDHE is not available, you can disable all DHE cipher algorithm sets and use plain RSA.

If you are the owner of this website, try configuring your server to use TLS 1.2 and TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_GCM_SHA256 instead of RC4. RC4 is no longer considered secure. If you cannot disable RC4, check that other ciphers than RC4 are enabled.

This message will be displayed if the link you have opened takes you to a website with a slightly different name than the site you usually visit. Chrome will ask you if you want to go to the website you usually visit.

How to join a private facebook group

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A user’s willingness to grant permissions to a given app is greatly affected by the purpose associated with the permission. For example, a user’s willingness to grant access to their location will vary depending on whether the request is being made to support the app’s core functionality or to share that information with an ad network or data analytics company.1

After the user sees an educational UI, or the value displayed by shouldShowRequestPermissionRationale() indicates that you do not need to show an educational UI this time, it requests permission. Users see a system permissions dialog in which they can choose whether they want to grant a particular permission to your app.